So, do you want to play the waiting game?

The Jeopardy theme music stuck in my head only seems appropriate for where I am in my application process. It’s not the waiting part that drives me crazy, it’s not knowing when I should expect those answers. Is it a week, a month or two!!! Can I get a time range here, please!!!! It would be lovely to hear ” hey, we’ve received everything and you should hear from us within the next two to four weeks” but nope…. nothing of the sort. I feel like I’m starting to stalk my tool kit to see if anything updated, I think my tool kit is starting to feel crowed in our relationship and might want me to be back off. The funny thing is, I know I only need to check my email to see if I received an update, yet my creepy ways continue because I don’t know when to expect an update. I suppose now is the time to cultivate patience, but I at least want to know how long I need to cultivate that patience for, in advance. So do I want to play the waiting game? The answer is: absolutely not, I’m starting to have checking compulsions!! Unfortunately, if I want to join the Peace Corps I do not have much of a choice.


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