Not holding my breath on that nomination … it’s time to breathe

After attending a webinar hosted by a recruiter on how to increase competitivenessI have decided to adopt a new attitude about this Peace Corp process. I have decided that if it happens, it happens and if it doesn’t, it doesn’t. The webinar had very informative parts, especially when it talked about what can be expected in light of  the projected budget cuts and how they will affect different programs, which are causing delays in nominations and invitations. I happen to be a INTJ personality type and if you know anything about the Myers-Briggs test, then the J is for judging. I have a need to  plan things out, it doesn’t have to be down to the minute but I really like to have a general idea of where, why and especially the when.

It is sometimes easy to forget that the Peace Corps is a government organization, which means lots of rules, regulations and other requirements that tend to bog down and lengthen the application process. This process will definitely prove to be a test of patience for someone like me, but I guess I need to strengthen that patience muscle sometime. So, from now on I officially pledge to not let this process grow my anxiety or stress any longer. I will do what is reasonably asked of me, when I can and where i can. So, if it happens, it happens…if it doesn’t, it doesn’t, I will do what is in my power to control and leave the rest up to the universe.


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