How Netflix is destroying my life

Procrastination has been my Achilles heel for many years now, however recently it has just gotten ridiculous. This new found ridiculous level of procrastination has been fueled by the one and only Netflix. Recently they have added just about every TV series I love or end up loving to their watch instantly library. Gone are the days of movies people no longer care about or watch, it is full of Ally McBeal, Battlestar Galactica, Dead Like me, BBC shows and recently they have added Star Trek voyager.

All my girlhood fantasies of navigating uncharted areas on a starship all my own came tumbling back, with Captain Janeway as my guide (I blame my father for my obsession with science fiction). Unfortunately I have a paper due and skill addendas for PC that I have been staring at for the past week and I have been glued to my T.V. Curse the day Netflix and Roku boxes combined !! Not to mention I started my internship this week that I have an extreme amount information that I need to go over while still working…… Netflix is my own personal  time sucking demon of awesomeness. It is my Methamphetamine all wrapped up in an entertaining box of fantasy. It is my addiction, I’m hooked…sure i’ll say yes to four hours of sleep if I can finish the 3rd season of Charmed. If I am to get my life back I need to end my relationship with Netflix, I kicked Facebook to the curb for it’s time wasting stalkerish ways and this too can be done.

With a heavy heart I have come to this conclusion that come September 1st….I will slay the demon of entertainment and say goodbye to Netflix. Now with my job, my internship,practicum class, the  2nd job I need to get to pay off some of my credit card debt and other hoops i am sure i must jump through in this whole PC process, something has got to give. That something has to be Netflix, so the rest of August I will cherish the time I have with Netflix, then no more four hour ancient aliens marathons, goodbye hoarders, no more x-men with my morning cereal…it’s tough love but somebody’s got to do it.

Plus, I’m poor and that’s when the prices go up…..


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