More shows like The Legend of Korra please :-)

There simply aren’t enough animated shows  out there that feature a strong female lead, let alone one of color. While I am borderline obsessed with The Avatar: The last Airbender ( the animated series, not the movie. The movie sucked donkey dick and I am still angry that I sat through  90 minutes of that unholy mess, that is time I can never get back), I am much more excited about Korra. Now, let me tell you why…..

Anng and his crew will always have a special place in my heart!!!

Not only is this show entertaining, I’m kicking 30 in the ass and I love this show, but it also has a message that builds positive traits that younger audiences could use more of, especially of the young girls and young women. Many cartoons show case male leads that are strong and assertive, sometimes there may be a strong assertive female character among them but she is not the focus of the show. Most often you get female character’s in roles where they are powerless and constantly rescued by their male counterparts. Not this show!!! Korra is a kick ass and take names character that is multidimensional..she is tough, strong and potent but she can also make mistakes, cry, fall and then get back up again.

Another thing I really love about this show is Korra’s appearance. She is a brown-skinned Inuit with a healthy build!!!! How rare is it to see a female minority with brown skin as a main character in a cartoon, let alone someone who is Inuit/Native?!?!?!  Many of the cartoons I grew up with in the late 80’s and early 90’s were devoid of minority female characters, the only one’s I can remember are storm from x-men and Elisa from Gargoyles ( yes, I still watch both shows from time to time).  It is incredibly important to see people who look like you in roles that you want to attain, or eventually there is the subtle message (hopefully not intentional) that people who look like you don’t get to become the things that we all grow up wanting to be.

Rufio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ruf iiiiiiii ooooooooooooooooooo

ummm as a side note, why did I not know that Dantae Basco was the voice for Zuko in Avatar:  The last airbender!!!!Ridiculously awesome!!!


3 comments on “More shows like The Legend of Korra please :-)

  1. Watch Serei no Moribito (Guardian of the spirit). Has a strong female character who has a very similar appearance to Korra but more mature and stronger. I really enjoyed both but possibly more so Serei no Moribito. Let me know how you like it…

  2. My boyfriend and I were just discussing this exact topic yesterday. I actually just now started watching through the show, but I like it so far!

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