Letter to a steaming pile of perverted shit

Dear steaming pile of perverted shit,

As I am writing this I am still in shock and experiencing many emotions centering around anger, disgust and violation. I’m not sure how many women out there you have done this too, so let me remind you of what happened in my situation. I just wanted to grab some clothing from my suitcase….but no, you had make a simple task a nightmare. When I saw your silver SUV pull up next to me, I didn’t think it out of the ordinary, but now that I think back, there were not many cars in the parking lot and it was strange that you pulled next to my car. I did not notice you getting out of your car, or walking over to the passenger side of your car…but I did get a feeling that someone was watching me. I turn around and look… shock, disbelief and adrenaline took over. You have your disgusting penis out and you are actually whacking it while I gather items out of the back seat of my car. I yell “Oh, my god” and look back at you and you say “what, what’s wrong” with a creepy smirk on your face, like you are doing nothing wrong and my shock and disgust are not normal reactions.  Since you are a foul degenerate and a twisted excuse for a human being, you do not stop what you are doing even after I you; With me knowing what I know about sex offenders is that exposing yourself in public is often a prequel to sexual assault and even rape. Fight or flight took over and I sprinted as fast as I could away from you. You even had the audacity to walk around and look where I had gone. I left my phone in my sister’s apartment; my keys and my purse were still in my open car door. Eventually I got the nerve to go back to my car, pissed and ready to fight( mostly because I was concerned about my stuff being stolen, ) which wasn’t the smartest thing to do because I was alone and I am  built like a twig; luckily you were gone.  I go back to my sister’s apartment and call the police, but there isn’t much they can do because I only remember that you are a white male, around 6 feet tall, middle aged, a thin build and I failed to remember your license plate number.

So now that I’ve refreshed you memory, let me say what I have to say. How dare you!!! Don’t you know that if my car would’ve been started that instinct would have told me to run you over with my car. What if my father had walked up, he lives nearby and he parks in that lot when he visits, my father would’ve killed you. Speaking of my father, I can’t even tell him about what happened to me because he would probably go around assaulting anyone fitting your description in a silver SUV. So, seriously, get your shit together, because you’re going to end up seriously hurting someone or getting seriously hurt yourself….and let me tell ya among prisoners, sex offenders are at the bottom of the barrel and it’s not uncommon for them to be seriously injured or even killed while in prison. So let me end with this, I will sleep like a baby tonight because you are not powerful, nor did you steal any of my power and if I ever see you again I have a metal Louisville slugger that has your name on it, combined with my inner honey badger. Keep your pathetic dick in your pathetic pants.


Scratch Mctofu


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