…..Barnes and Noble, to be exact. This love is not the wavering and conditional love that people often share with each other, this love is real. My love of books has been pervasive since I was a child and only grew as I got older. There is something about the smell and feel of a book store that can never be duplicated. From the moment I step through the door I can feel myself start to relax and rejuvenate, just sink into a cozy and just get lost for hours. I can purchase books on  any subject or just hang out and read them while I’m there, the knowledge seems endless.  This has been my sanctuary since my freshmen year of college. Reading about random curiosities and places I never knew existed… probably one of my favorite things to do in this world.  It’s really to the point that I’d rather be hanging out at a book store alone, than tolerating drunken twenty-somethings at some over priced club. No thank you, this twenty-something would rather close down Barnes and Noble.

I found love in a bookstore.


Star Trek Convention!!!??! F*ck Yeah!!!

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While sitting in the computer lab at my school , trying to block out the generally annoying conversation about politics that some of my fellow students were having, I overheard a gem of information. What was that gem of information you might … Continue reading