So…if you worship a certain deity popular with Americans you might be offended by this…you’ve been warned

You are entitled to your ignorant and hateful opinion, no matter how backwardly stupid it is…but when I see pictures full of christian folk supporting this crap….. it just makes me wanna spew my opinions into the great unknown…or wordpress…or whatever.  Now I’m not a fan most religions I’ve encountered, but the last couple of years christianity has been leaving an excessively bad taste in my mouth. First it was all this crap about teaching creationism vs evolution, then there was all this insanity about women’s reproductive rights…now they are taking bus loads of christians to support a company that gives millions of dollars to organizations that support the suppression of millions of Americans … becasue …….wait for it….they have consensual sex WITH the same sex.

Fail, Fail Fail Fail!!!! Christians!!! FAILLLLLLLLLL!!!

What happened to love thy neighbor? do unto others? all the happy unity type stuff that is in the bible? Why is it that some christians pick and choose what sins are relevant? (million dollar question, right!) If there was a Jesus he would’ve risen on the first day, just to say “hey, stop using my teachings as an excuse to do this shit!!!”…wait …sorry …was that too far?  I could go through the bible and pick out all types of crazy shit that christians aren’t supposed to do, that  I see christians do on a daily basis…..hypocritical much? Well, I’m to go ahead and say it. Yes, It’s very hypocritical, there isn’t even a question about it. It just makes me incredibly sad and slightly embarrassed to be a part of the human race when I read that millions of dollars were donated toward oppression rather than…let’s say food, education, the environment, animal shelters, space exploration, domestic violence shelters, stopping child sex trafficking ….anything but this fracked up shit (yes, I heart battlestar galactica). Ohhhh, I must have forgotten that everyone in America has a full belly, a warm bed to sleep in and access to a sufficient education system..wait…, that was in my dreams, silly me.

It made me personally upset when I saw fellow minorities supporting this hogwash ..really people, just shamful…all of you. I’m going to specifically speak to Black people about this because I hear it wayyyy too much in my own community: STOP being so homophobic!!! Just stop it, no one who is gay, is out to get you!!! When you hear that someone is gay or bi stop it with the “ugggghhhs” and the stank ass faces.  People in America look down on us everyday because of factors that are outside of our control and stereotypes, you probably know how it feels unless you aren’t old enough to get it or if you’ve been living in the woods. So, stop doing it to gay people. Oh, and you know that we need to stop putting fast food or as I like to call it, fast track to type two diabetes sludge, like chick fil a in our bodies.  Do better. I’ve never been happier to be a vegetarian and an agnostic atheist, I feel free.

Now if you are one of the christians out there who really follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, who in my opinion seemed like he was a pretty cool guy according to all those words in the bible (yes, I’ve read it, more times than most “believers”); Do something with your fellow sisters and brothers, cause this egregiously hypocritical crap is why many people, including my self has done a half-baked style exit from religion in general (the only your cool went to Buddhism).

Let me also say that I recognize that I am not this perfectly actualized human being, I have to work at not letting all the hate turn me into a person I’d be ashamed to become. I recognize my flaws and the negative stereotypes that I have picked up about certain groups of people…but I recognize that they are untrue and that I am wrong, this is the first take it. Please walk some place better.

The human race as a whole needs to do better…you know why!!!

This is, welll super ranty, so I’ll end with some positive?

“When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.”

~Sri Chinmoy Ghose~


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