My love for Ohio

When I tell people that I want to move back to Ohio, people often get confused and ask why. What’s in Ohio? Even my freinds from Ohio ask why I want to move back, I even get comments along the line of stay gone, there’s nothing here….but I obviously disagree. Where else can I witness a sea of Scarlet and Grey that warms my homesick soul? Is there another Highland Square in the world? Is there another Put-n-Bay that produces nights filled with shame and regret followed by cat naps in walmart parking lots? Are there Metro Parks other where an afternoon spent laying under a tree looking up at the sky and feeling like everything in the universe must be connected, if only for a moment? No, not for me.  Now, I’m not saying that there aren’t lots of new places that will produce beautiful memories…but this was the first, the beginning..and it will always hold a special place in my heart. I know, I will ALWAYS COME BACK….

I’ve been living in Arizona for almost four years now and I never really could put my finger on why I felt so uncomfortable living here. Then it finally popped into my head…I feel like Az is a place that I am staying, like I never became a local, just a visitor staying here, like a layover. I feel like I just landed here for an extended layerover and that the next plane is going to take me to my final destination. While the city that I live in certainly has a lot to offer, it never offered the feel of Ohio. I’ve certainly met people here that I’ll never forget and I’ve had some experiences here that have shaped me in small, yet powerful ways, but it is time to say good bye. I left for Arizona wanting a change…and I found  a calling…but I’ve graduated now..literally and it’s time.  Arizona has done all that it can for me, and for that I am grateful.

While I feel like Az has certainly been an adventure at times and definatly a learning expereice for me, it’s time to pack up my kitties and move on. While I doubt that my first love (OH) is my final destination, going back to where I started to figure out the next metaphorical mountain I want to scale….

About two months to go…I can’t wait 🙂


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