I would say on the bitter/sweet scale, my parting from  this  hot ball of contradictory hell, would be overwhelming sweet for me.  I am finding that although I am very excited to leave this logic and compassion forsaken place, there are many part of Phoenix living that I will miss despite my harsh words.

In no particular order, or maybe just a little ….

Things that I will miss:

1. The lizards that live outside of my old apartment.

2. The location of Phoenix; it has Cali, Vegas and Mexico within 5 hours of driving.

3. Shopping (clothing) in general, but particularly Last Chance will be sorely missed. I will not have the wide same wide variety of clothing to temp me to spend more than I should back home.

4. The restaurants!!! Phoenix is very vegetarian friendly, it’s has Thai, Indian, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and lots of fresh healthy restaurants that cater to vegetarian and vegan diets.

5. I will put them in initials only but K.S and S.L are the two people that I met here that I will miss the most. They were seriously unicorns in this place for me.

6. Grocery stores, especially the variety!!!  I will definitely miss sunflower market and Fresh and Easy.

7. The structure of the city is very easy to navigate. Although I will get lost anyway, I know that I will eventually hit a street  I know in a few minutes, then I can find my way home.

8. This place has the most beautiful sunsets that I’ve every seen.

9. Watching hummingbirds out of my window throughout the year, always added a little joy to my day.

10. My plants. I am very sad that I will have leave my plants behind.

11. Frozen yogurt shops at least every five minutes. mmmmmmm pistachio frozen yogurt.

12. The world wildlife zoo and aquarium. Now I do not frequent zoos often, because I believe that animals should not be kept for show, just for rehabilitation and conservation then introduced back into the wild but the WWZ is different. The WWZ’s animals are mostly endangered, being rehabilitated or are really old and sick, so they are receiving care. It’s really a cool place.

13. U-Turns!!

14. I enjoy rarely having to use the heater in my car.

15. The kiddos, or should I say young adults at my internship. I hope they go on to accomplish more than they have ever dreamed they could do.

16. The mountains, I did enjoy many hikes during my stay here.

17. My fellow graduates of the green and gold, we made it!!!…without anyone having a (clinical) nervous break down or psychotic break…that I know of.

18. There is nothing like a dark night here, I swear the stars shine brighter here.

19.  Phoenix Comicon. It. Changed. My. Life. Thanks K.

20. I swear there are no Mosquitoes in the valley, or if there are they avoid me and I like this.

21. The light rail, it just makes things easier when having to travel down town.

22. The Phoenix Art Museum. My favorite was the firefly exhibit..I’m trying to squeeze in one more visit before I go.

23. Cafe Zupas 😦

24. The racial diversity of people here (excluding black people, there aren’t many black people here compared to my home state)

25. The general convenience of this place, everything is everywhere.

I complain, but it was not all bad…it was just time for me to hit the road.

Goodbye Valley of the Sun…


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