Bucket List/ Life Goals

Become fluent in Spanish

Finish my graduate degree

obtain my licensure in my current field

Visit the pyramids in Egypt

Learn to Swim

Decide on a tattoo and then actually get it tattooed on my body

Become fluent in an asian language, probably Korean

Obtain my doctorate

Learn sign language

Learn self-defense

Visit the east coast of Australia

join the Peace Corps

become  a Psychologist

Visit California

Live in Oregon or Washington

Visit Macu Pichu ( I probably spelled this wrong , but I’m too lazy to look up the correct spelling).

Visit Ireland

See the seven Wonders of the World

Visit New York

Learn Guitar

Convince someone that I manufacture illegal Botox

Learn to meditate

visit an Asian country

Grow a beautiful Garden

Have a tree house

become 80% Vegan

Camp in Yosemite

Have a girls cross-country road trip

Get over my fear of heights

Learn to paint

Own a green/eco-friendly home

Travel through Europe

Learn to cook food that actually taste good

Become more tolerable of people’s flaws/ unsharpen my tongue

change the world for the better

Get a job in Ohio

borrow someone’s child and use a child leash in public,

Write a book

protest something  unjust or cruel

Learn to use a cross-bow or learn archery

convince someone that I am white

Attend a ballet

Research the family genealogy

Learn to read auras, if there is such a thing

Learn how to throw ninja stars

Learn to play poker

Learn Tae Chi

Learn advanced statistics…i’m going to need it eventually

Learn to play cello

Attend an Opera

obtain proficiency in hypnosis


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