Thai House mmmmmmmmmm

mmmm tasty

  There hasn’t been too many things that I have fallen in love with while living in the South West….but Thai food has definately made my trek from the midwest worth it. When I decided to take the plunge and completely give up eating meat a little over four years ago…I felt that my choices were limited, but I was wrong.  The food that I ate previously to be coming a vegetarian was bland and repetitive. I wouldn’t have even dreamed of eating anything spicy let alone anything foreign to my taste buds.  Since I have moved to the desert and have had the wonderful opportunity to expand my taste buds to worldly cuisine, even dishes that traditionally contain meat can be easily converted to vegetarian dishes. 

I seriously think that it was love at first bite, I’ve since tried other Thai places around my current city and none have captured my heart as Thai House has.  I have had to move to different locations of my current job, so I haven’t had the opportunity to visit Thai House in almost a year, but today hunger overrode my usual rush straight home after work. I had a serious craving for Thai house, so I made the trip, despite me trying desperately to avoid driving out of my way (I’m a broke grad student and I like to save on gas money). I am so glad I did, not only did I get to say hello to my favorite server but I got some green curry….mmmm mmmm sated 🙂