30 under 30: #1 Visit Your Grandparents

Unfortunately I have never had the opportunity of knowing my maternal grandparents, but I have been lucky enough to know my paternal grandparents. I was also lucky enough to have step-grandparents that I have known and love all of my life. Now, I am the wandering granddaughter who never seems to stay home for to long; never being home for long enough was my excuse for not seeing them much. I saw my sisters, my parents, my cousins, nieces, nephews, friends and acquaintances when I was home, but I often skipped visits to my grandpa’s and my grandparents homes. I told myself that I would see them next time, when there was more time. Now, in my family if you don’t visit your grandparents for long enough, you will get scolded and guilt tripped..which was my excuse for a time.

Around nine months ago, I found out that my grandpa had cancer, aggressive cancer. He fought for a long time, but he was tired and ready to go on to whatever awaits us after death. I was lucky enough to know about his condition and was able to see him while he was sick, but I wish I had more time. He passed away, I wish I had more time. Every time I hear an old man with a hoarse infectious laugh, I think of how I wish I had more time. Ever time I see an old man which a golf cap on and a smile, I wish I had more time. I am very grateful to have one living grandfather and step-grandmother, now I make it a point to see them whenever I am back home. People can never know how long  loved ones will be around, be in their presence and love them while you can. I really wish I would have learned this lesson sooner.