30 Life Lessons I Learned While Under 30 Introduction

This past fall I turned 29… as in I will be 30 next fall. Dooom sank in, mixed with panic about where I was in life..what the hell was I doing the past 29 years I’ve been roaming the country. Really, what do I have to show for the time I have been on this earth, student loan debt and Cats?!?! Then I really started to think about what I have gained, in these years on this precious earth..those lessons have been invaluable and are why I am the person writing these words. My life has been full of people who have helped to lift me up, and show me that I can accomplish whatever I want no matter what unintentionally uninclusive messages ( I hope) that I received during my adolescence. I am not the same person I was 10 years ago, or even 5 ¬†years ago or even yesterday. I have learned life lessons the hard way like most people, but I still have a heck of a lot to be grateful for…So I sat down to reflect about what I have learned ¬†through doing and being,after experiencing a tough loss. I will post those 30 lessons that I wrote down that day over the next few months..